[CS-FSLUG] OpenSolaris Users?

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Tue Dec 23 13:17:57 CST 2008

> I've voiced in the past my disgust with the "rolling release"  
> concept. I
> don't want the latest and greatest. Sometimes a new feature is
> compelling, but for me that's quite rare. Once I get all my hardware
> working, I want to leave things as they are for awhile. I like bug  
> fixes
> and patches; I don't like dropping support just about the time I get
> used to what I have.

	That's why I like RHEL so much (presumably CentOS would be the same,  
since only differs in minor ways). You can run the same RHEL release  
for over half a decade. They offer security updates, but they backport  
those to the same software versions that came with the system, that  
way features don't shift around when just trying to keep the system  
stable and secure.

	It'd be nice if someone tried to make a Linux distro that was desktop  
oriented that had a similar release schedule to Mac OS X. These days  
Linux is mature enough that one does not really need the new desktop  
environment version every six months. Just keeping driver support up- 
to-date could easily keep a well polished, well supported distro  
running for eighteen to twenty four months.


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