[CS-FSLUG] OpenSolaris Users?

Ed Hurst ehurst at soulkiln.org
Mon Dec 22 20:55:45 CST 2008

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:

> It runs OK but there are glitches that I can't much tolerate, including
> the fact that gnome-terminal simply doesn't know how to exit cleanly in
> this ("200805") release -- when you logout of the shell, the terminal
> simply gets stuck, and one is left with having to swat the upper-right
> corner's X button.  I think this is somewhat poor for any modern release
> of an OS.
> All other things considered, it runs well enough, it's a good performer.
> I just find it administratively suboptimal.

Let's assume the 2008.11 resolves those issues. So I install it. Maybe
it works really well, and I want to keep it. Aside from bug fixes,
patches, etc., do I get to keep it, or is support dropped for the
previous as each new release comes out?

I've voiced in the past my disgust with the "rolling release" concept. I
don't want the latest and greatest. Sometimes a new feature is
compelling, but for me that's quite rare. Once I get all my hardware
working, I want to leave things as they are for awhile. I like bug fixes
and patches; I don't like dropping support just about the time I get
used to what I have.

The one thing I found most distressing about FreeBSD was this rolling
release concept, where I had to update the ports tree every couple of
weeks and rebuild everything that changed, or I would not get any help
at all with bugs. That's the reason I reject a lot of Linux distros.

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