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> The PCUSA is going through a lot of the same, i've heard. The
> denomination becomes almost heretically liberal, some of the

	I'd be careful of painting the PCUSA with too broad of brush. There  
is certainly a lot more life left in it than many of the mainlines, I  
think. A lot of the more moderate, neo-orthodox-ish parishes are still  
chugging along, if slowly being pulled down with the rest.

> congregations leave for other denominations (usually the PCA or OPC,
> it seems), and then the denomination, which owns the building, forces
> the congregation out.

	It is unfortunate. Although, in their defense (not to be contrarian),  
that's really the design of Presbyterian polity. The EPC and PCA (I'm  
not sure about the OPC, off hand) have a somewhat modified polity in  
the area of ownership, etc., coming from the lessons learned in the  
old PCUS and UPCUSA. (Maybe less so for the EPC, since most of those  
churches got out as part of the PCUS-UPCUSA merger agreement).

> And doesn't bringing a suit against other believers fly in the face of
> Scripture, specifically 1 Corinthians 6?


	We had a similar problem in my old denomination, the UCC, which is  
strictly congregationalist, but often had control of property through  
Denomination sponsored loans.


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