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>> Anglican District of Virginia Wins Church Property Case
>> [article skipped]
> The PCUSA is going through a lot of the same, i've heard. The
> denomination becomes almost heretically liberal, some of the
> congregations leave for other denominations (usually the PCA or OPC,
> it seems), and then the denomination, which owns the building, forces
> the congregation out.

I assume that congregations could maintain their properties by refusing
to leave, and if the PCUSA chooses to go to court, be ready to defend
themselves. The PCUSA is more of a social order than anything else,
IMHO....like the NCC and others.

> And doesn't bringing a suit against other believers fly in the face of
> Scripture, specifically 1 Corinthians 6?

I think so. It's all about the money. The liberals who have control of
the Episcopal denomination, have been loosing MILLIONS in funds, as real
believers have been leaving and taking there money with them. Others
decided, rightly I believe, that the responsibility of each congregation
is to keep what THEY paid for and continue to use it, only do so as is
dictated by Scripture, not liberal humanists.


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