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>> Anglican District of Virginia Wins Church Property Case
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> The PCUSA is going through a lot of the same, i've heard. The
> denomination becomes almost heretically liberal, some of the
> congregations leave for other denominations (usually the PCA or OPC,
> it seems), and then the denomination, which owns the building, forces
> the congregation out.
> And doesn't bringing a suit against other believers fly in the face of
> Scripture, specifically 1 Corinthians 6?

I just moved to a new community less than a year ago.  The church
across the street from me was going through this. The pastor and all
but 80 members (most of the 80 where Easter, Christmas, and
Christening attenders) voted to leave PCUSA. They are now meeting at
an event center in town with about 200 more members than they began
with and are in the new wine skins presbytery of EPC. They were in the
heartland presbytery.  The building was retained by the "true church"
according to the presbytery. My family now attend lighthouse, the new
church. We wouldn't have considered going to a PCUSA church, and we
were married in a very conservative one, but it is the largest in the
presbytery, and can afford to do its own thing.

article on action:

First Pres of Paola: http://www.presbyterianchurchpaola.org/ (with a
nice picture of the view from my porch)

Lighthouse Pres: http://www.churchatevergreen.com/

Colonial Pres: http://www.colonialkc.org (the church I was married in)

Heartland Presbytary: http://www.heartlandpby.org/
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