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Sat Nov 4 04:52:27 CST 2006

 > Robert W. wrote:
> I use CUPS on a network of two Linux boxes: a desktop and a laptop. The  
> printer is USB, connected to the desktop. The laptop prints over the  
> network. I don't use Samba, because there are no Windows machines.
> The machines go through a router and are assigned dynamic IP addresses.  
> I found that setting CUPS to broadcast was the simplest configuration.
> The desktop, for some reason, loses its network connection. But CUPS  
> itself works fine. What symptoms do you see?

I have three Puppy Linux machines, two desktops
and one laptop.

They all see and print to the Samsung laser
tied to a USB port on one of the desktops using

Am working on adding a HP color printer as a
second option.  I have a conflict between the
Samsung and the HP at the moment but did once
have both working so I have a bad setting

No MS versions of windows anywhere here at the
moment, have been experimenting with WINE so as
to avoid anything MS, so no experience with Samba

When I was an administrator at Trinity College
I used Samba to print to printers on MS-based
desktops from my Linux laptop.  Been a while
so I don't recall the details.


Thanks!  David
David Colburn, D.Min, MACo
Minister of Discipleship & Education
First Baptist Church of Spring Hill, FL
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