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Sat Nov 4 19:07:58 CST 2006

I have not had any problems with many CUPS setups.  I have helped set it 
up in some 20 locations around the world.  I have used:
CUPS shared printers off a linux box.
printers on windows clients with print-accounting through a Linux computer
jet-direct through cups
and a number of other scenarios.  We have not had problems with it.

To use the Linux box as the central print server, the easiest way, with 
the windows box, is through samba on the linux server.  Then add the 
printers through the CUPS built-in web interface ( on the 
server itself).  To access the cups administration web-page from another 
computer you will need to edit the /etc/cups/cups.conf file or do some 

For Linux to Linux computers, using ipp is most efficient:
Sample printer URI: ipp://foo.bar.com/printers/LaserJet
Where foo.bar.com is the computer name and LaserJet is the printer name

Perhaps a helpful doc can be found here:

    - Tim Young

John Mark Clayton wrote:
> Hello,
> Is anyone successfully using CUPS over a network?  It seems I spend 
> more time fixing cups than any other task.  I have a very simple network:
> 1) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 Samba file and printer server with a Cannon S300 
> USB printer
> 2) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 notebook
> 3) Windows XP notebook that only gets touched for iTunes to see missed 
> In Touch sermons.
> The problem never seems to be the same twice though the symptoms are 
> often the same or similar.  Is samba the best option here?  Has anyone 
> started using one of those usb printers server black boxes?  On 
> Amazon, only the Buffalo is getting good reviews.  Has anyone 
> attempted to setup an IPP server on a linux box?
> Many Thanks,
> Mark Clayton
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