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Sat Nov 4 17:48:15 CST 2006

On 11/04/2006 02:42:30 PM, John Mark Clayton wrote:
> Is anyone successfully using CUPS over a network?  It seems I spend  
> more time fixing cups than any other task.  I have a very simple  
> network:
> 1) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 Samba file and printer server with a Cannon  
> S300 USB printer
> 2) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 notebook
> 3) Windows XP notebook that only gets touched for iTunes to see  
> missed In Touch sermons.
> The problem never seems to be the same twice though the symptoms are  
> often the same or similar.  Is samba the best option here?  Has  
> anyone started using one of those usb printers server black boxes?   
> On Amazon, only the Buffalo is getting good reviews.  Has anyone  
> attempted to setup an IPP server on a linux box?

I use CUPS on a network of two Linux boxes: a desktop and a laptop. The  
printer is USB, connected to the desktop. The laptop prints over the  
network. I don't use Samba, because there are no Windows machines.

The machines go through a router and are assigned dynamic IP addresses.  
I found that setting CUPS to broadcast was the simplest configuration.

The desktop, for some reason, loses its network connection. But CUPS  
itself works fine. What symptoms do you see?

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