Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 4 14:28:20 CST 2006

At 02:42 PM 11/4/06, John Mark Clayton wrote:
>Is anyone successfully using CUPS over a network?  It seems I spend more 
>time fixing cups than any other task.  I have a very simple network:
>1) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 Samba file and printer server with a Cannon S300 USB 
>2) Linux Xubuntu 6.06 notebook
>3) Windows XP notebook that only gets touched for iTunes to see missed In 
>Touch sermons.
>The problem never seems to be the same twice though the symptoms are often 
>the same or similar.  Is samba the best option here?  Has anyone started 
>using one of those usb printers server black boxes?  On Amazon, only the 
>Buffalo is getting good reviews.  Has anyone attempted to setup an IPP 
>server on a linux box?

Are you saying you already use a CAT5-USB print server device?  I've used:
         - printers with builtin print server (CAT5 connector on printer).
         - CAT5-to-Parallel print server devices (various makes)
         - CAT5-to-USB print server devices (like D-Link DI-704UP).
In every case, I configure each PC (Linux or Windows) to connect directly 
to the print server device.

Once routers started including a print server device, the price became 
cheaper than devices that were print server only; so I haven't purchased 
the later is a long time.

Unfortunately, I don't currently have anything setup close to your 
setup.  Currently all Linux systems are printing only to network ready 
printers (or local connect).  The DI-704UP is currently on the shelf 
because we vacated the office building where we were using it (no Linux 
systems in that office); but might put it back in service again if the need 
arises.  There was a time when I had 3 Linux systems and many Win9x systems 
printing to a DI-704P (CAT5 to parallel) router/print server; but that 
printer was replaced with one that was network ready about a year ago.


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