[CS-FSLUG] SpamCop BlockList

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Wed Mar 29 11:43:07 CST 2006

> -----Original Message-----
> Hi Josiah,
> 	Thanks. I took SpamCop back off. Instead I've tweaked the
filters in
> SpamAssassin and told exim to bounce any message that scores over 15
> in SA (where SA marks any message over 7 as spam).
> 	This combination of RBL's, other early level checks, SA bouncing
> SA-to-spam box I am going to dub the ServerForest "Great Integrated
> Nearly Organized Spam Knowledge Offering" 3, or less convolutedly,
> GINOSKO 3 (the acronym aims to sound like ginwskw, the Greek present,
> active, indicative of "knowing"). :-)

I'm going to vote that you thought way too much about that name thing.
:-) I'm interested in hearing how it all works out though.

> 	So far, I think this might work well.

Good :-)


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