[CS-FSLUG] OT: Don't Buy Harry Potter

David Colburn edoc7 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 2 01:00:02 CST 2006

Narnia is really in a grey area.  It mis-orders
things and blends confusing images together. It
is no wonder that the historically anti-Christian
Disney was willing to produce and promote it as
they needed something they could successfully
market to pro-family groups.

That said, it clearly is not in a class with the
aggressively pro-witchcraft Harry Potter.

We screen everything our children view and read,
such is the mandate of God to all parents.

Imagination is not the problem, competing value
systems and/or world views are.  Children are to
be raised up in the ways of the Lord, they are
not well equipped to sort out competing constructs.

Our children have very active imaginations and
we encourage them in that.  They are also learning
that the voice of God sounds different than that of
the Enemy.  I tend to be fond of science fiction
and we are working through what is OK and not there.
It is very challenging but parenting is not for the
careless or lazy.

Our children belong to God, He has just entrusted
them to us for a time -- and He expects us to be

Waaay too late ... got to get some sleep!


>> On 3/2/06, David Colburn <edoc7 at verizon.net> wrote:
>> It is beyond me how anyone claiming to be a Holy
>> Spirit informed Christian could do otherwise.
> About four years ago my younger sisters Christian school
> banned anything that was to do with "Magic" this also
> included the Narnia serious by CS Lewis. Now I understand
> and would not allow my children to read anything that
> I could discern as Occult. But I would not void my child from
> using their imagination.
> I have no problem in allowing my Kids to read or even play
> in fantasy worlds. But I know my guidence will show
> them the seperation between fanatasy and reality.
> There are a lot of Christians who wont allow their kids to read Harry Potter
> but will allow them to watch Televison and listen to the current music
> charts. Which I would say is far more damaging.
> Where do we draw the line on influence or is the point about
> the content. ie. Magic ?
> 'Mash

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