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edoc7 edoc7 at verizon.net
Sun Jun 18 01:23:17 CDT 2006

>> Regarding Sola Scriptura, see Isa 8:20, especially in "traditional" 
>> translations such as the KJV, RSV/ESV. or NASB.
> Indeed, those who speak not according to God's word, but speak according 
> to ideas from "spirit guides", "messages from the dead" or "aliens" are 
> all guilty of "having no light in them". Basically, this verse is 
> plainly saying that if it isn't written in the law then it isn't part of 
> the law; people should act accordingly ... outstanding.

We do want to be careful re. law and grace.

We always want to begin in post-ascension/post-Pentecost
end times NT teaching and work back from there.

I believe that the argument is well made there and
then bolstered in prior Biblical text.

This is, I believe, the best Biblical Christian
process of Bible study.

There is a terrific example of this in The Moral Vision
of the New Testament by Richard B. Hays.

This should be required reading for all Christians.

IMHO ... :-)  doc

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