[CS-FSLUG] Open Source Theology

Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 18 13:05:06 CDT 2006

It was fun,

> You have a good point, but I think that Revelation 22:18-19 should also 
> be regarded as a general principle according to all Scripture by 
> analogy of faith (see e.g. Deut 4:2).

And you are right, Deut. 4:2 tells us how God feels about the rules for 
living He has given us via his prophets (especially the law). This, of 
course, applies to the words of Jesus (the greatest prophet). You could 
infer that this also applies to those who recorded the Words of Jesus 
first hand and passed onto us the "new law" contained in the "new 
covenant". This is a very valid argument from scripture.

> Great discussion, by the way.


> Regarding Sola Scriptura, see Isa 8:20, especially in "traditional" 
> translations such as the KJV, RSV/ESV. or NASB.

Indeed, those who speak not according to God's word, but speak according 
to ideas from "spirit guides", "messages from the dead" or "aliens" are 
all guilty of "having no light in them". Basically, this verse is 
plainly saying that if it isn't written in the law then it isn't part of 
the law; people should act accordingly ... outstanding.

Gabe Ginorio

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