[CS-FSLUG] Open Source Theology

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Sun Jun 18 14:23:28 CDT 2006

> all guilty of "having no light in them". Basically, this verse is 
> plainly saying that if it isn't written in the law then it isn't part of 
> the law; people should act accordingly ... outstanding.

The remaining problem is what to do when something is NOT in the law,
but is part of our modern life.  The cute attempt of the Amish
notwithstanding, (wow, I wrote that word with only one spelling error
:-)), the Law, nor Jesus, have much to say about our dependence in
Mid-East oil, etc.  And when they do, well, most of us sort of pretend
it ain't there, like retirement funds for Christians, buying/selling on
credit, who is invited to our wedding and Christmas tree...

My Dad's reading of the 4th Amendment (the one about arming bears), is
that it has to be understood according to the times, i.e., it allows for
muskets but automatic arms are not in.  Of course that is just a
rhetoric turn.

I enjoy the Arab interpretation that if you are hit by a backing up car,
it is your fault, not the driver's.  Apparently somewhere in the Koran
it says that someone walking behind a camel is just asking to be hit, so
the camel owner is not to be held responsible - apparently that was
extended to modern devices such as cars.

We all know the Jewish had done that kind of things over and over, and
it was already much of a problem by Jesus time, and is today for anyone
who wants to _subject_ himself to sola scriptura and the interpretation
thereof, instead of being _freed_ by it, and becoming subject to God.

Scripture is _not_ God.  We all know the issues about those who deem a
book, object or image "sacred" and then use that as an excuse to feel
offended when things happen.

Not disagreeing, Gabe, just adding some.


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