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On Friday 16 June 2006 17.55, Chris Brault wrote:
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> > Sola scriptura is as soundly Biblical as is the Trinity.
> >
> > Also, someone suggested that Revelation 22:18-19 applies
> > only to the Book of Revelation.  That is a very unusual
> > narrowing of the application of a piece of Biblical text
> > and serves only to undermine the reliability the Word of
> > God as a whole, thus I reject that proposition.
> There was not NT when Revelation was written. John was referring to
> "this book" (scroll). The only "book" (scroll) he was writing at the
> time was that one. Even if he had some of the other letters (scrolls)
> with him, wouldn't he have said "these" and referred to the others.
> Perhaps he had a scroll with some of the other letters on it and then
> he added Revelation to it. Even in that very dubious case, the entire
> NT as we know it was probably not on it. So, either he was referring
> to his Divine Revelation or he was referring to a longer manuscript
> on the same scroll. Either way, he was not referring to the entire
> NT,
> never-the-less the OT.
> Gabe Ginorio

You have a good point, but I think that Revelation 22:18-19 should also 
be regarded as a general principle according to all Scripture by 
analogy of faith (see e.g. Deut 4:2).

Great discussion, by the way.

Regarding Sola Scriptura, see Isa 8:20, especially in "traditional" 
translations such as the KJV, RSV/ESV. or NASB.



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