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If we really dig, there are some amazing stories about tithing just 
waiting to be told. Now, this is what happened to me once, and the 
figures are in Paraguayan Guarani (PYG) currency. I won't tell the U.S. 
equivalents, because the amounts in PYG currency are the ones that are 

We just submitted our thithe. At that time, it was PYG 485,000.00. And 
just one day later, someone hired me to translate something to the 
value of... PYG 1,485,000.00

That's right; God gave us back our tithe with one million PYGs of chump 
change. I didn't realize it; my wife did, and she pointed it out to me. 
God is faithful indeed!!



On Tuesday 18 July 2006 04.21, 'Mash wrote:
> I have been really quite, just life in general and also newly I have
> been busy coaching the first UK girls Roller Derby team.
> But...
> I have an awesome testimony for you.
> About 2 months ago God really put it on my heart to sort out my
> finances, this was mainly in the area of Tithes. Since I have been
> struggling with money tithing just seemed ludicrous. Which of course
> was a slap in Gods face. It was that I had the faith for him to do
> miracles but not the faith in his provision for myself.
> 10% of my little salary was a hell of a lot of money I really needed.
> Anyway, I prayed and agreed it was better to be hungry in Gods favour
> then full, out of it.
> Here's the testimony...
> I have been titihing for two months and last week my salary was
> increased by £4000 per year !!!!!!!!!!
> I feel like this is a script from a cheesy TV sales show but I am
> telling you God has completely blown me away with this one !
> Praise Jesus !
> On 17/07/06, Ed Hurst <ehurst at asisaid.com> wrote:
> > Aside from a brief period when the list was simply down, there has
> > been a remarkable period of quiet that past few weeks. I'm not
> > complaining, just wondering. Are we all busy? Burned out? Nothing
> > to say?
> >
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