[CS-FSLUG] Meta: Has the list died?

Jukka jukka.ylonen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 04:03:26 CDT 2006

2006/7/18, 'Mash <mashdot at gmail.com>:
> I have been really quite, just life in general and also newly I have
> been busy coaching the first UK girls Roller Derby team.
> But...
> I have an awesome testimony for you.
> About 2 months ago God really put it on my heart to sort out my
> finances, this was mainly in the area of Tithes. Since I have been
> struggling with money tithing just seemed ludicrous. Which of course
> was a slap in Gods face. It was that I had the faith for him to do
> miracles but not the faith in his provision for myself.
> 10% of my little salary was a hell of a lot of money I really needed.
> Anyway, I prayed and agreed it was better to be hungry in Gods favour
> then full, out of it.
> Here's the testimony...
> I have been titihing for two months and last week my salary was
> increased by £4000 per year !!!!!!!!!!
> I feel like this is a script from a cheesy TV sales show but I am
> telling you God has completely blown me away with this one !
> Praise Jesus !

Good to hear this, Mash! I believe it really matters, that you decided
give that 10%. I have been doing that too, since then I have been able
to keep my finances in balance. : )

I have had good things going on during last spring and this summer -
and I think it is not over ! : ). I got into some church two years ago
(after 15 years of being away), but last winter began to feel myself
uncomfortable and useless there (it might been because I felt I
couldn't be open and honest there). I felt I didn't go anywhere and
started to pray and search something else. I got touch with a group
that are serious in their following of Jesus  - and what was important
to me - they want to live out their faith also by witnessing Jesus to
non-believers (that has always been the tough part for me). For some
reason they could do that - now I think it is because they take Bibles
teaching seriously and Holy Spirit really works in and through their
lives. That it is something I need too, so I decided to stay with
them. I was honest to group leaders about my past life and was struck
by their acceptance and love (means a lot to me!). Now I am
volunteering in this mission, learning and looking where this all
leads... : )


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