[CS-FSLUG] SuSE locking up durring install

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sat Feb 11 11:35:50 CST 2006

David M wrote:
> I'm going to give FC4 a whirl and see how it reacts.

If that fails, please consider the 64-bit versions of Kanotix or Knoppix 
to see if it's a true incompatibility with Linux.

> In a way I'm pretty upset, I keep asking myself "Why do I even bother with 
> linux." I still don't know the answer.
> I just spent $1,200 on this HP Pavilion with 1G ram, AMD Turion 64 
> processor, an ATI Radeon express 200M Graphics card, and a DVD-R/RW and I 
> had faith that linux would work just fine on it.
> Now I actually caught myself in the shower this morning telling myself I 
> wouldn't recomend Linux if it was the last thing on the face of the earth.
> Yeah I think I'm talking out my rear-end, but the fusturation just keeps 
> mounting everytime something like this happens. 

HP is infamous for making hardware on which Linux won't run too well out 
of the box. At the same time, they are now test marketing a 
Linux-installed system in places like South Africa. I have read they do 
have Linux drivers for some of their peculiar hardware, including 
laptops, but it's almost as if they are ashamed to admit it. You may 
have to fight hard to extract from HP how to get them.

There was a time I might dither between Windows and Linux, until I 
started helping clean up Win-boxen from virusus, spyware, etc. At this 
point, I'm frankly scared to run Windows anymore. I've decide less than 
perfect hardware compatibility is a lot better than the paranoia one 
must have to run such an insecure OS.

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