[CS-FSLUG] SuSE locking up durring install

David M dmcglone at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 11 11:14:39 CST 2006

> David M wrote:
>> I've been googling for quite a while, and can't find an answer. Ed, I 
>> seen you had the same problem, Did you solve it? I'd really like to get 
>> SuSE on this laptop.
> No, I did not resolve it. I gave up and am running Kanotix. You could
> also try CentOS, which seems to have less trouble with hardware than
> SuSE does these days. There are quite a few complaints about this on 
> Usenet.

I'm going to give FC4 a whirl and see how it reacts.

In a way I'm pretty upset, I keep asking myself "Why do I even bother with 
linux." I still don't know the answer.

I just spent $1,200 on this HP Pavilion with 1G ram, AMD Turion 64 
processor, an ATI Radeon express 200M Graphics card, and a DVD-R/RW and I 
had faith that linux would work just fine on it.

Now I actually caught myself in the shower this morning telling myself I 
wouldn't recomend Linux if it was the last thing on the face of the earth.

Yeah I think I'm talking out my rear-end, but the fusturation just keeps 
mounting everytime something like this happens. 

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