[CS-FSLUG] SuSE locking up durring install

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sat Feb 11 10:38:32 CST 2006

Michael Bradley, Jr. wrote:

>>No, I did not resolve it. I gave up and am running Kanotix. You could
>>also try CentOS, which seems to have less trouble with hardware than
>>SuSE does these days. There are quite a few complaints about this on
> This is just a guess, but I think the lock-ups have something to do with the
> combination of your laptop's 64-bit processor and its ATI graphics
> card+chipset.

Yes, I agree there are lots of complaints about 64-bit and ATI. It's a 
good idea to avoid the 3D drivers for now. Indeed, most Open Source 
hardware drivers on 64-bit are still a major struggle.

However, I also know SuSE's SaX2 has been quite troubled since about 
9.1. For 9.3 and 10.0, it has been especially disappointing. It's so bad 
I've seen people begging for working xorg.conf files from other distros 
to cut-n-paste into SuSE. Sadly, those in the know about SuSE 
development don't want to talk about it, so there's some hard feelings 
growing, and more than the usual level of personal attacks on Usenet 
between defenders and complainers. Also, lots of catty responses to 
genuince calls for guidance, from people who usually are better natured.

I'm guessing Novell's ownership is creating quite a shake-up, because 
the culture of the user base is quite different, matching the 
announcements of some old SuSE developers leaving. SuSE is still my 
preference, but it won't run on my current hardware. If the next release 
still has the same trouble, I'm afraid I'll have to say goodbye, and 
cease recommending it as an option to folks I'm helping migrate.

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