[CS-FSLUG] Dvorak Keyboards

Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 9 19:35:34 CST 2006

I neven knew,

> I learned DVORAK about a year ago and really prefer
> it. On all computers that I am the primary user, I
use it.  I
> have three keyboard on my desk. Two have DVORAK
setup and the third is
> QWERTY typically.

That so many people used Dvorak ... and in secret. It
a conspiracy to end the qwerty monopoly ...
muahahahaha. I hope I can be in the same position some
day with several dvorak around.


> I do like DVORAK better. I feel less like my hands
> are cavorting around the keypad and feel more

I think this is the main reason I want to try it. I
want to see if there is an improvement in all the
areas claimed.


> I did not use a DVORAK specific keyboard. I simply
> set the keyboard
> layout in windows and Linux to dvorak. On the
> computer I used the most,
> I wrote the letters on stickers and stuck them to
> the keys. As I became
> confident in that letter, I removed it. 

> The three month learning estimate seems about fair,
> but a little optimistic even for me who spent the
better part of
> 10 hours/day at the computer. I'm sure that will
vary with your learning
> skills, time to work on it and determination not to
switch back and
> forth. I'd recommend  switching your main computer
over without the
> ability to easily switch back.

Yeah, I read the same thing about immercing yourself.
The "average" time I read about was three months if
you are a regular computer user. I think I qualify. I
have to work on computers several hours everyday; And
I don't mind carrying a hardwired dvorak with me (that
way I don't have to switch configurations. The keys
are just wired differently). I ordered a hardwired one
because the sticker on the keys thing just isn't what
I had in mind. I may have to switch sometimes ... I
guess we'll see what happens.

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