[CS-FSLUG] Dvorak Keyboards

Legatus lists at runyanrants.net
Fri Feb 10 09:31:44 CST 2006

Chris Brault wrote:
> Well, it is hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, so he has a point 
> there. The Dvorak was designed with the English language in mind 
> (although there are international versions available). I do move from 
> computer to computer all the time. It almost sounds like the same 
> reasons not to switch to Linux: "Everyone else is using Windows.", and 
> "The software we use now doesn't work on Linux" and of course, "This 
> doesn't work like Windows."

I would make the comparison more to buying a British manual transmission 
car, and driving in the US. It just isn't easy to make that left hand 
work right, and your point of view on the road is different. You can 
adjust, but if every day you also drove a US manual transmission car, it 
would be much harder.

The windows to linux digs don't cut it for me, because they aren't 
anymore different in the gui(kde or gnome) than 2000 to xp.

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