[CS-FSLUG] Networking with SuSE

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 2 13:29:04 CST 2006

At 08:23 AM 2/2/06, David McGlone wrote:

>On Wednesday 01 February 2006 10:46 pm, Frank Bax wrote:
> > At 08:55 PM 2/1/06, David McGlone wrote:
> > >1. I want to be able to run any applications on my desktop from my laptop
> > > and vise versa.
> >
> > Try remote access programs like VNC - on your disk under "Remote
> > administration".
>I tried that, but what if someone wants to use the computer while I am using
>an application on it also from my laptop?

Each VNC connection gets its own login/desktop - separate from the actual 
desktop.  VNC only works this way on Linux.  On Windows, VNC will 
"takeover" the desktops.  I haven't tried the Xorg capabilities in this 
area - slow to change old habits. It's your responsibility to ensure that 
the applications you run are actually designed for concurrent access.

Others have covered other points rather well...


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