[CS-FSLUG] Networking with SuSE

David McGlone dmcglone at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 2 07:23:45 CST 2006

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 10:46 pm, Frank Bax wrote:
> At 08:55 PM 2/1/06, David McGlone wrote:
> >1. I want to be able to run any applications on my desktop from my laptop
> > and vise versa.
> Try remote access programs like VNC - on your disk under "Remote
> administration".

I tried that, but what if someone wants to use the computer while I am using 
an application on it also from my laptop?
> >2. I want to share the same e-mail. What I mean by this is (if it's
> > possible) when I download my mail using kmail, I want it to be available
> > to both the desktop and laptop. (Picture both computers sharing the same
> > /home directory Hmmm maybe I just answered my own question what do you
> > think?)
> Scary.

If this is the answer, then could I ask how I can accomplish this. I am 
already having a problem being able to write to my other samba shares because 
I can't figure out how to change ownership and permissions on those 2 
partitions, even on the host machine I can't change ownership or permissions. 
I can change ownership if I unmount the 2 partitions but once I mount them 
again, it changes back to root as owner and the same permissions.
> >3. Will I need to purchase a Hub to accomplish this or can it be
> > accomplished with just my router?
> If your router has multiple ports and you already have internet access from
> both of them at the same time, then no additional hardware changes are
> required.

The router has 4 ports, and wireless also, and the host machine has 2 NIC's.

I connect each computer to the internet individually, but I'm not sure if It's 
the correct way, considering what I'm trying to accomplish. But I'm probably 

I think I should be connecting the wireless laptop to the internet through the 
desktop, not directly to the router.

As you can tell, I'm all mixed up :) I've googled my fingers to the bone 
trying to find the best scheme but I haven't found hardly any information on 
networking linux boxes.

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