[CS-FSLUG] Networking with SuSE

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Thu Feb 2 08:08:06 CST 2006

Xorg is designed to allow the sharing of desktops in an extremely
flexible manner, but is very insecure. You could run programs from the
notebook that are installed on the desktop as though they were installed
on the desktop. It is really slick and beats the tar out of VNC. You can
also do this X-forwarding stuff through SSH that increases the security.
You might check that out. I've played with it, but not recently.

I use a program called unison to sync my home directories between
notebook and desktop. It also serves as a good backup if one dies, but I
have to do it manually.

You could network them together using a cross-over cable and skip the
router, but that probably wouldn't give you the flexibility you'd like.
Frank already talked about soho routers so I'll finish here. :-)


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> Hiya all.
> I installed SuSE 10 on my desktop today and I would like to share
> everything
> between the desktop and laptop which is also running SuSE 10.
> Here are a few things I want to accomplish (if possible)
> 1. I want to be able to run any applications on my desktop from my
> and
> vise versa.
> 2. I want to share the same e-mail. What I mean by this is (if it's
> possible)
> when I download my mail using kmail, I want it to be available to both
> desktop and laptop. (Picture both computers sharing the same /home
> directory
> Hmmm maybe I just answered my own question what do you think?)
> 3. Will I need to purchase a Hub to accomplish this or can it be
> accomplished
> with just my router?
> Well thats just about it, basically the goal is to make it feel like
> desktop in the other room is on my lap in my living room and vice
> David M.
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