[CS-FSLUG] LCD monitors

Steve McCracken smccrack at hcjb.org.ec
Wed Dec 20 10:44:06 CST 2006

Frank Bax wrote:
> I've been told (and my limited experience confirms) that an LCD monitors 
> really only run properly at max resolution.  When resolution is decreased 
> (to 800x600 say), the icons and text become blurry.  Video card does not 
> appear to affect this behaviour.  Working with both WinXP and Linux.

This is correct.  The other thing that I have heard is that getting an
LCD monitor color corrected for photo editing and such is harder to do
than on regular CRTs.  I've been looking into this as I would like an
LCD, but I want to see what my photos will actually look like so I need
it color corrected.

Any thoughts/ideas for this?


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