[CS-FSLUG] Ultimate power laptop for Linux?

Micah Yoder yoderm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 09:02:53 CST 2006

On 12/19/06, Steve McCracken <smccrack at hcjb.org.ec> wrote:

> > 17" screen, as high a resolution as possible
> If you're looking for big screens double think your idea of a laptop.
> If you're set on a laptop, then think more portability (15.4" screen max
> IMO) and then on your main desk location have a second LCD screen (17"
> or even 19").

Basically because upon leaving Ecuador, I will be at my parents' place
in Oregon for a few weeks, then traveling to Texas, then traveling to
SC to get married :D , then moving into her tiny apartment in
Jacksonville, FL until we figure out where to move to next. :-)

You're right though, I really do want a desktop.  Maybe I can
compromise on the laptop and get a monster desktop system later in the
year when we're settled.

However, I currently have a 17" G4 Mac Powerbook, and I think it's
plenty portable.  (I plan to sell it before leaving Ecuador.)

> Are you looking for space or speed?  80GB 7200rpm or 100GB 5400rpm?  You
>  can also have at your main desk location an external disk (300GB?) for
> relatively cheap.

Right.  I've been leaning towards the HP for the last day or so, but
they only offer 5400 drives.  Faster might be good for video capture.

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