[CS-FSLUG] Ultimate power laptop for Linux?

Steve McCracken smccrack at hcjb.org.ec
Tue Dec 19 22:49:03 CST 2006

Hi, Micah,

Some thoughts...

> 17" screen, as high a resolution as possible

If you're looking for big screens double think your idea of a laptop.
If you're set on a laptop, then think more portability (15.4" screen max
IMO) and then on your main desk location have a second LCD screen (17"
or even 19").

> Core 2 Duo processor, at least 2GHz (for the 4MB cache)
> at least 100GB drive

Are you looking for space or speed?  80GB 7200rpm or 100GB 5400rpm?  You
 can also have at your main desk location an external disk (300GB?) for
relatively cheap.

> Firewire port for video capture

Video capture... you might be looking for a faster disk subsystem rather
than large size.

> Working suspend/resume -- close the lid, open it later, and it continues to work
> Wireless b/g/n(?)

All in all, it almost looks like you might be at odds here with the type
of system.  Video capture would make me think more of a desktop machine.
 Here you are looking for processing power and disk subsystem speed.  A
large screen points this way too.

Another thing you might want to consider (it won't come exactly cheap,
though) is more of a hybrid system.  A semi-light laptop with a docking
station.  Have a larger disk and larger screen plugged into the docking

Why are you looking for a laptop rather than just a desktop?

Just some thoughts


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