[CS-FSLUG] Virtual machines

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 1 11:42:07 CST 2006

At 12:13 PM 12/1/06, Vincent Danen wrote:

>* Frank Bax <fbax at sympatico.ca> [2006-12-01 11:47:54 -0500]:
> > >VMWare works only on x86 architecture. Now that OSX runs on x86, I might
> > >expect them to port it, but that hasn't happened yet.
> >
> > Thanks, it doesn't work on OpenBSD either - so we'll drop that idea.  When
> > I first tried VMWare on WinXP, I hadn't yet had X running on 
> OpenBSD.  It's
> > running now with Firefox and OOo, but not VMWare.
>My understanding is that you can run vmware on FreeBSD using it's linux
>emulator.  I don't know if OpenBSD has a similar emulator or not
>(somehow I'm suspecting not), so you probably won't ever get OpenBSD to
>run vmware for you.

OpenBSD has emulation for both FreeBSD and Linux binaries.  I have Linux 
emulation working (because OOo works).  I attempted VMware player install, 
it didn't work, I asked on bsd-misc list; somebody said "No". 

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