[CS-FSLUG] Ichthux ISOS!

Don Parris dcparris at carolina.rr.com
Thu Aug 17 10:29:06 CDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 20:12 -0500, Timothy Butler wrote:
> > I really don't see much point to building a whole distribution around
> > any religion, why not just take another distribution and modify the
> > package selection so that Bible time and other apps are installed
> > along with it.
> 	To me, it seems like it might make more sense to do like you  
> suggest. Make it so that you could add a package server to Ubuntu's  
> apt and grab a metapackage that would install everything... that'd  
> avoid making people reinstall  to reap the benefits and likewise  
> avert the need for those working on this idea from having to worry  
> about keeping up with the latest kernels, etc.
> 	-Tim

The idea behind the Freely Project's Libre Software Solution Stack was
to provide a complete turn-key solution that churches could get up and
running with in fairly short order.  The LS3 is exactly the kind of
metapackage you're referring to.  IMO, there should be several
distro-specific implementations.  However, we need to start *somewhere*.
Thus Ubuntu was made the starting point for Freely, with the idea that
people could come along and develop the appropriate implementations for
other distros later.

Ichthux, I believe, was to be a Custom Debian distro, but seems to have
become a custom Ubuntu distro.  I will eventually change the LS3 spec to
use Ichthux and this new distro.  That's been part of my plan all along
- just waiting for Raphael here to get things together. ;-)

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