[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu Christian Edition 1.0

Don Parris dcparris at carolina.rr.com
Sat Aug 12 00:45:16 CDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-08-11 at 08:04 +0100, 'Mash wrote:
> I never understand this sort of thing ?
> What is the purpose, or how can a distro be Christian ?
> Are each bit of software vetted for it's authenticity in the
> developers love of Jesus ?

If you're pulling my leg, you got me.

The point is a distro aimed at Christians.  I honestly can't figure out
why that would be so difficult to grasp.  I have been pushing (for at
least 2 years) the idea of a GNU/Linux distro that is essentially
pre-configured with all of the software a church would need to get up
and running with Bible study, church management, and lyrics projection
software.  Educational software should be made available as well.  

The networking stuff should all just work out of the box, or at least
have the step-by-step instructions to configure whatever can't be

Ubuntu is the primary distro for the Libre Software Solution Stack

> Hmmm for all we know there could be a couple of UNIX tools that were
> developed or maintained by some real "riske" characters. Have you ever
> seen photos of the DebConf ?
> Some developers are scary scary people. All sorts of witchcraft and
> blasphemy ;)))

I think developers are scary people, but only because they think so
darned logically. ;-)
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