[CS-FSLUG] Still a "cult leader"

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Fri Aug 4 20:13:15 CDT 2006

veritosproject at gmail.com wrote:
> Lol...
> When I joined this list I honestly expected what I normally get from
> my church (cross and flag idolatry).  Instead I get a lot of people
> like me--that are fed up with a government that calls itself Christian
> but doesn't support Christ's values.

Normally I wouldn't speak to this directly on the list, but I agree with 
you and not with doc. It's not about animosity and arguing; I won't 
debate, will hardly even discuss it here, because I think it's 
inappropriate for this particular forum. However, we moderators agreed a 
simple comment here and there is tolerable. I suppose I'm willing to 
answer questions, but not under the cover of disputing.

If you would like to commiserate further, email me off list.

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