[CS-FSLUG] Centos 7 9u5ajypa

Cia Watson ciamarie at centurylink.net
Sun Jul 20 10:12:34 CDT 2014

Hi all,

The cs-fslug server apparently thinks I'm sending an unsolicited message, so
that's why the code at the end of the subject. I sent this reply yesterday
morning, but since I didn't check email sooner I didn't realize it had been
rejected. Maybe this explains why traffic on the list has been so light.
Here's the message:

>>> Christiansource at ofb.biz (reading confirmation): 554 5.7.1 Mail
>>> (id-40586-06663) appears to be unsolicited, please resend with the code
>>> 9u5ajypa appended to email subject and ask to have your sender email
>>> whitelisted (the code 9u5ajypa changes each 24 hours).  
221 closing transmission

I'm sending this from the email address that is subscribed to this list, I
just checked it. So what gives?

At any rate, below is what I sent in response to the Centos 7 topic:

On Sat, 19 Jul 2014 07:51:52 -0700
Cia Watson <ciamarie at centurylink.net> wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Thanks for the nice breakdown. I may eventually check it out in a VM on my
> Debian desktop. Do you think it'll run successfully in 1GB of ram? Is the
> default desktop gnome3? I would guess so, but I'm so used to my MATE desktop
> I would need to keep that in mind.
> No hurry on a reply.
> Thanks,
> Cia W.
> p.s. I've been using MariaDB on my desktop for at least a couple of years
> now, with no issues, except having to re-do some custom defaults in the
> config file. It uses InnoDB as the default engine, rather than MyISAM, FYI.
> On Fri, 18 Jul 2014 10:29:27 -0600
> Tim Young <Tim.Young at LightSys.org> wrote:
> > To add some Linux traffic to the list...
> > 
> > Centos 7 has recently come out, and I am fiddling my way through 
> > it.   There are a number of things that surprised me.
> > 
> > MariaDB replaces mysql.  MariaDB is a fork of mysql with some of the 
> > original developers.  Oracle is doing some things in a 
> > not-so-friendly to open-source way with mysql, so a number of distros 
> > are making this leap.  MariaDB is supposed to be entirely compatible 
> > with mysql, but will have some additional options that mysql does not 
> > have.
> > 

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