[CS-FSLUG] EeePC linux distro update?

Eduardo Sanchez lists at sombragris.org
Thu Aug 21 09:20:07 CDT 2014

-- Respondiendo a Ron Thompson Sunday 03 August 2014 17.54.42:
> I'm not one to replace something that does the job that I bought it
> to do.  I'm checking to see if the batteries are still good on my
> older EeePC PC 701SD factory loaded with a lightweight version of
> Xandros.
> Its unlikely that I'd find Xandros support anywhere, is there, or are
> there, distributions suitable for my Eee PC?
>    Ron

You may try some of the Slackware derivatives, such as Slax 
(http://slax.org). Slax manages to fit a bootable Linux with KDE 4.x in 
little more than 250 MB. It's designed as a live-boot distribution, best 
suited to CD-ROMs or thumb drives, but it can certainly made to run from 
an internal drive.

As for your EEEPc, my biggest concern would be the condition of the 
solid-state drive, since as you may already know, they have a limited 
number of write operations. I would advise to use the computer directly 
from a thumb drive (with a live distro), using another thumb drive for 


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