[CS-FSLUG] CD Vol 107-21 - Frozen Windows

Yamandu Ploskonka yamaplos at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 16:02:45 CST 2013

In my more heroic volunteering days I was in Bolivia translating the
One Laptop Per Child OS to Aymara, a native language. Religious wars?
almost really - like, the spelling set up by Wycliffe/SIL is of course
shunned by the current government (anti US, pro-pagan), so a new
"standard" with almost no publications exists and is mandatory.
Then SO many new words needed. I got away with the screen being
"color-able tapestry", after much discussion, etc. There is no word
for "blue". Well, there is, but it's the same as for "effeminate" so
it cannot be used... etc. Much fun was had by all, to no effect

I remember in my kid days chuckling on how the Vatican had figured out
Latin words for UFO.

>'Tis true we often need old words to describe new articles and actions.

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