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> This passed across my "desk" today and I thought I would pass it on...
> A wife texted her husband on a cold winter morning: "Windows frozen,
> won't open."
> The husband texted back: "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it."
> Five minutes later the wife texted back: "Computer really messed up
> now."

Reminds me of a true story. Back in the mid-1920's my father (born and
raised in northwestern PA was then living in Birmingham, AL. One
freezing winter's morning he was downtown and say hotel porters pouring
kettles of boiling water on the sidewalks to melt the ice that had
formed over night. He told them they were just making the situation more
dangerous and that they should get cinders from the furnace and spread
them on the sidewalk to keep people from slipping and falling. The
porters objected greatly that cinders would make the sidewalks dirty!
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Blame Bill Gates for stealing the GUI label "windows" as a product
> name.
> Same as confusing a tissue with "Kleenex", as in "Hand me a Kleenex",
> or a Search engine as "Google", as in "Let me Google that."
> It must all drive OCD English teachers nuts!  ;-)

Ah, but in the UK they hoover their carpets. And, has anyone gone to the
fridge (diminutive of Frigidaire) lately for a cold one?

The only real desk I've ever seen with a real window in it was one
designed with a lower shelf for an upward facing pre-LCD monitor. One
would expect management to become upset were one actually to wallpaper
ones desktop, eh?

Personally, I'd be happy were folk to not say "cut and paste" when they
really mean "copy and paste". Then too, not all "laptops" are laptops,
many are notebook computers.

'Tis true we often need old words to describe new articles and actions.


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