[CS-FSLUG] A word about Secure Boot and Lenovo

Micah Yoder micah at yoderdev.com
Sun Jan 6 18:11:27 CST 2013

Ok so I've been subscribed for a long time but haven't followed it 
really for a while ... sorry!

Anyway I too have a new Lenovo, an X230. Quite a cool little laptop 
really - a bit thicker and more powerful than an ultrabook (has actual 
ethernet!) but still quite light and a VERY long lasting battery.

And yes I was able to disable secure boot and the Fedora 17 live CD 
works fine on it, booted via a USB blu-ray drive.  I had to disable 
secure boot to get that to work, but doing so was not a problem.  I 
understand that on x86 computers, the Microsoft specifications *require* 
that it be possible to disable secure boot.  (This is not the case on 
ARM boxes, so avoid those if they're not made for Linux.)

Waiting for the Fedora 18 release to actually install Linux.

Until then, trying to figure out what to do with the partitions that 
come on it.  I do want to keep Windows 8 for various reasons - it will 
be my only Windows computer and I have a few things I want to be able to 
run on it, and I want to compile and test my current coding project on 
Windows.  It isn't 100% clear what all the partitions are.  I assume the 
last one after the data partition is the recovery partition - I copied 
that to a flash card so I should be able to delete it and shrink the 
data partition as normal.

After that, I hope Fedora 18's installer will seamlessly install it via 
UEFI in a dual boot arrangment.  Installed Arch Linux on my new desktop 
via UEFI this summer, but no attempt to dual boot with that one.

On 01/03/2013 09:59 PM, Fred A. Miller wrote:
> Secure Boot and MickySoft's attempt to exclude Linux has been a topic 
> in the Linux community for awhile, as some OEMs have not provided a 
> way to turn off the contemptuous underhanded menouver by the "evil 
> empire". I can't say for sure if all of the Lenovo 'puters provides 
> the ability to turn it off via the CMOS setup, but the "Z" series 
> laptops do for sure. I recently removed the "joke" from MickySoft, 
> 'Bloze 8, and installed openSuSE 12.2 with no problems! There are 2 
> switches in the CMOS you have to change to "legacy" and you're all set.
> Fred
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