[CS-FSLUG] Why Mark Shuttleworth Is Important to Desktop Linux

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Sun Aug 4 19:46:43 CDT 2013

If you want to see desktop Linux finally get some traction with the
unwashed public, Mark Shuttleworth is more likely to be the guy who'll
make that happen than anyone who's come along so far. He's a capitalist
and for better or worse this is a capitalist world. He knows that
nothing big is going to get done on this market oriented planet without
the art of the deal and some hustle. He also understands something about
fit and finish, which was always lacking in desktop Linux until he came

For too long, we've been sitting around wringing our hands, sometimes
proclaiming this to finally be the year of the Linux desktop without
doing anything to make it happen and sometimes bemoaning the fact that
the world still hasn't discovered Linux as the secret to computing
happiness. The thing is, the world never knows anything about secrets
until they're not secret anymore. We've been wanting Linux to just
"catch on," while we've been blaming the OEMs for not automatically
pushing our home grown geek-centric distros with the same elan they put
behind their bread and butter Windows.


Trusting Obama With Border Security Is Like Trusting 
Bill Clinton With Your Daughter! 

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