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Don Parris parrisdc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 18:46:06 CDT 2013

Here's a recent blog post on my database project involving LibreOffice Base
and PostgreSQL:

As far as importing transaction data from my banks, that part isn't going
so smoothly.  In this post I question the best approach:

The trick to the bank data is to extract either the entity name or the date
information from those records that have dates, so I can work to match up
the bank's descriptions with my own entities.  This is really just for
verification purposes and there are other issues besides the banks' varied
formats to consider.

Two goals for the near future include:
<> create queries to enable me to build shopping lists.
<>  enable repeating transactions on the LibreOffice Base side.  I'm
positive that involves macros.  But where a transaction is essentially the
same every month, I want to be able to effectively automate that.

Might there be a public release?  Not that I expect anyone to use it, but I
just might put it out there.  It might be fun for someone else as well.
However, I have not yet set a definite release goal.  It's really been more
of an exercise in developing a usable database - especially one with a
complex hierarchical category structure.

Anyway... Enjoy!

Many blessings!
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