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> On 09/15/2012 05:15 PM, Timothy Butler wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Does anyone know of a good "appliance" distro that comes preconfigured
>> with LDAP and RADIUS? I'm looking for something that is sort of like
>> FreeNAS is for network storage -- a cohesive distribution intended to do
>> authentication. Or, at least a good server distro that has an LDAP server
>> and RADIUS built in, ala Mac OS X Server, which integrates both of those
>> into its core configuration system.
> The three traditional Small Business Server distros have been ebox (now
> zentyal), ClearOS, and SME Server.  I don't know the current state of the
> three, but about a year ago thought about going with ClearOS before getting
> pulled off in another direction.
> You might also look into the myriad firewall plus everything distros like
> Vyatta, Endian, Untangled, etc.

Just for the sake of pure curiosity, do any of these include virtualization
built-in? Also, consider the cost of a single point of failure that small
business server concepts give you. I'm actually a big fan of linux in small
business environments because I can roll out lots of little appliances that
don't cost much and provide the services they need. By small, I'm talking
offices of 15 or less.

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