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Fri May 4 11:26:35 CDT 2012

Because of the recent server problem I learned that multiple accounts on
different servers provides redundancy - meaning that one may keep working
if a server-provider is hacked, closed, and/or suffers some other cause of
failure (manmade or natural disaster, etc).

I have one E-mail account & Web site on GoDaddy (a domain name source),
one E-mail on my ISP, and the rest of my E-mails and all but one of my Web
sites on one host server.

It's that last group I am considering decentralizing to two or three 
server providers.

Meanwhile I am also looking into creating my own "cloud".

I already do that, sorta, by building a Web site with links and documents
I may access wherever I am.  What I want to add is a simple way to copy
documents and images to one or more of the servers that host my domains;
for safe-keeping, to get them off my Android-phone, and to be able to
access them quickly from wherever I am (and to make them available to


> Have you considered running your own server?  I've used prgmr.com in
> the past, and it's a pretty good option if you don't have the upstream
> bandwidth to host your own, but need to stay within the $6-$8 per
> month cost.  I would've kept using prgmr.com, but decided to start
> using linode.com because of the ease for administrative tools, and the
> availability of multiple site backup/redundancy.
> Another advantage of running your own server is you have full control
> of the system and can run ISPConfig (or another control panel
> software) to manage any number of accounts/sites you need easily
> through a web interface.  You may not have all of the space available
> like some hosting-only companies, but for most sites, it should be
> more than enough.  You can even look at reselling space to others to
> offset your own cost if you know people with similar needs.
> More information :
> http://prgmr.com/xen/
> http://www.ispconfig.org/
> http://linode.com/
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