[CS-FSLUG] OT: The priest IS/WAS right!!

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Sat Mar 3 18:00:12 CST 2012

Yes, it's a "soapbox issue". And it's true that Jesus never sent any
seeking soul away, (But He several times sent the scribes aned Pharasees
packing).  When it comes to "your church", I'd encourage you to remember
that Jesus is building His church.

I think it worth noting that all the evidence we are given in scripture
about it seems to indicate: a: that none of His disciples are worthy
("They all forsook him and fled"; and b: Judas also seems to have been
instructed with the others "drink ye all of it", even though Jesus new
what he was about to do.

Comunion is idealy a time of self judgement in the presence of the Head of
the church, on the basis of His sacrificed and resurrected body (of which
His people are a part). If anyone views it in any other  "light" they are
in grave danger from the Lord Himself.

Dave McMullen

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>> I'm not sure of the politics of the catholic church.  But I don't
>> recall
>> Christ ever sending anyone away.


> This is a "soapbox" issue

> We are responsible to God for each other and
> we are not allowed to permit folks to fall under the clause that says
> "eateth and drinketh damnation (condemnation) unto himself".  Any one
> from another church is excluded because we do not know them and their
> standing.  They are under the discipline of another church, not ours.

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