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Fri Mar 2 21:24:48 CST 2012

I agree that the majority of members and regular attendees, as well
as many deacons and elders, and some pastors are unsaved.

One *major* problem is the Saddleback/WillowCreek-effect where
believer-only activities are mixed with outreach activities to where
there is an absence of clarity between the two.

The Bible clearly teaches that there is a time and place for believers
to gather for worship and other forms of corporate activity, generally
visitors are permitted to be onlookers (but not always), but those times
are *not seeker-friendly* as they are *for believers*.

Our truly-saved members remain on milk because we never challenge
them to step-up to meat in any serious way.

Many of our truly-saved members 'hide' in "seeker-sensitive" gatherings
so they do not have to mature - because they like one foot in the world
and the other in the kingdom - and that is not a new problem.

The answer will require obliterating 'the idolatry of tradition' as well as
displacing 'the idolatry of political-correctness' (a big problem for those
who want a comfortable/familiar and non-challenging environment).

The answer also includes a high-priority on mutual accountability and
intimate fellowship (a big problem for organizations obsessed with
numeric growth over spiritual growth.)

 > Craig Button wrote:
>  I'm thinking the church is ineffectual because there aren't very
>  many true Christians in it. It's full of people who go to church on
>  sunday morning. But I assume that it isn't anything new. I'm sure
>  there were non believers in the followers who were following Christ
>  when he was here.
>  Sin is important, but when focusing on sin, it's easy to fall into
>  legalism. We are supposed to confront and rebuke, fellow believers,
>  bit when it comes to non believers, it gets a bit grey.
>  Christ spent lots of time with sinners, and he never sent anyone
>  away. They walked away on their own, but never sent away. I agree
>  it's a fine line between tolerating sin and closing the door before a
>  person has a chance to choose to get through the door.
>  I don't know the answer, but using the moment to present the grace
>  of our Lord, might have done more to possible lead the person to
>  Christ and a true life changing experience than never laying the seed
>  in the first place.
>  Now you'll get no argument out of me, about the sin that we tolerate
>  in the church itself in the name of tolerance. I'm thinking some of
>  these congregations will follow into the luke warm category that is
>  mentioned in Revelation.


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