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> I'm not sure of the politics of the catholic church.  But I don't 
> recall
> Christ ever sending anyone away.  I guess this is one of the reason 
> i'm not
> Catholic.  Communion to me is a personal issue and not one I get to 
> choose
> who gets to take communion and who doesn't.  I'm sure there were 
> many
> others in the congregation that day who were sinners, One of them 
> being the
> priest himself.  although there is no question that homosexuality is 
> a sin,
> it's not the ultimate unforgivable sin.  It is one of many sins that 
> are
> mentioned in the bible.  Each time this comes up, i think of the 
> scene of
> the woman and the pharacies.  He who is without sin should cast the 
> first
> stone.
This is a "soapbox" issue with me because people are always using this as
an allowance to sin and ignore evil and wrong doing.

Please notice, that incident was a TRAP for JESUS.  Moses says the MAN
and the woman are to be stoned.  They only brought the woman.  He was
"darned if he did and darned if he didnt".  He took the only way out
because THEY were in violation of the Law and trying to drag HIM into it.
> Personally I think this is one of the cases that C.S. Lewis was 
> talking
> about when he stated that satan is never closer than on the steps of 
> the
> alter.  We have a commission to spread the word to all the nations.  
> When
> we close a door on someone, we close the door.  Although God can 
> over come
> any obstacle we put in front of us, it's not up to us to decide.
OK, another "soapbox" issue.  
My college Sunday school teacher tried to cast a demon out of me because
I stood on the idea that we are to be fruit inspectors of one another so
that others dont "commit the sin unto death".  How can we "reprove,
rebuke, exhort" if we never point out open, known sin and any wickedness
openly, rebellioulsy and flagrantly displayed by church members?  How can
we be faithful to I Cor 5 if we allow open fornication to be ignored?
At my narrow-minded cantankerous Baptist church we practice CLOSED
communion.  Only church members who are not involved in open, known sin
are permitted to partake.  We are responsible to God for each other and
we are not allowed to permit folks to fall under the clause that says
"eateth and drinketh damnation (condemnation) unto himself".  Any one
from another church is excluded because we do not know them and their
standing.  They are under the discipline of another church, not ours.
We are responsible to decide.  "Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine
heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin
upon him." Lev 19:17.   This principle applies to all times.  If you
don't attempt to correct you are guilty of sending them to hell, and
according to Proverbs that includes your own kids.  So the principle is
applicable to all.  Then and now, yours and mine.
This woman was offended that the priest was not allowing her to openly
engage in wickedness and partake of the actual body and blood of Jesus
Christ (according to Cathloc doctrine).  Should the body of Christ be
joined to an openly hostile, rebellious, hedonist? (I Cor 6:15-20).
For only 1 little, minor sin Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden
and "death came upon all men".  Ananias and Sapphira just told a little
fib about the money they got for selling property.  So what that they
didn't want to give ALL to the church?  They died for that little, tiny,
indiscretion.  How dare Peter DEMAND ALL of the money?   
Why is the church so inneffectial?  Maybe because we don't view sin as
bad in our own lives and church as God and the Bible do.
I'll shut up before I become tooooo long winded.  As you can tell, I'm a
"mean-spirited" "bitter clinger" down on myself and everyone else who
"falls short of the glory of God".
Oh, and no charge for my two cents' worth.  8-)

The last time I posted I was fussing about the Satanic political party
that uses lies and deceit to get elected.  I always step right into it,
if you haven't noticed.

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