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Mon Jan 23 09:22:36 CST 2012

Thanks Josiah!

It was not on the linked pages, or on their Home page 
so I missed it.

Good to know that they are a Biblically-sound organization.

The Mormons, and many liberal faux-christian religious groups, have been
posturing as Biblical-Christian and are leading many away from the one true

> They are the originators of YouVersion and the bible app on many
> handheld devices which has done some pretty great things to encourage
> people to actually read the Bible. They've also managed to negotiate
> through the nightmare that is Bible translation copyrights to great
> success.
> In the interactions I've had with them I've seen no need to doubt
> their intention to create tools and opportunities for people to
> earnestly engage the scripture and their interest in supporting the
> Christian church. The character they demonstrate seems consistently
> strong as any other Christian-based organisation. As far as doctrine
> is concerned this page says they are ECC and lists what looks like a
> doctrinal statement to me complete with scriptural support:
> http://www.lifechurch.tv/who-we-are/beliefs. I found the link to it in
> the footer of the page Ed linked so I don't think they are avoiding
> it.
> JSR/


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