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They are the originators of YouVersion and the bible app on many
handheld devices which has done some pretty great things to encourage
people to actually read the Bible. They've also managed to negotiate
through the nightmare that is Bible translation copyrights to great

In the interactions I've had with them I've seen no need to doubt
their intention to create tools and opportunities for people to
earnestly engage the scripture and their interest in supporting the
Christian church. The character they demonstrate seems consistently
strong as any other Christian-based organisation. As far as doctrine
is concerned this page says they are ECC and lists what looks like a
doctrinal statement to me complete with scriptural support:
http://www.lifechurch.tv/who-we-are/beliefs. I found the link to it in
the footer of the page Ed linked so I don't think they are avoiding


On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 9:14 AM, dcolburn at bibleseven.com
<dcolburn at bibleseven.com> wrote:
> They are very careful to avoid a statement of faith nor anything else
> that defines their doctrine.
> Do you have any background for this organization, please?
> Beware wolves in sheep's clothing ...
>> I should have mentioned this earlier:
>> http://www.lifechurch.tv/resources
>> Free church and faith related software, including a membership
>> management package. I've not looked at any of it because I can't use
>> it myself.
>> Ed Hurst
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