[CS-FSLUG] New 25-GPU Monster Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Fri Dec 7 10:14:42 CST 2012

On 12/07/2012 10:59 AM, dcolburn at bibleseven.com wrote:
> We have some lead time as it will be a while before many have access
> to monster computing power like this!
> BTW: I am not sure how this gets around a Try -3 then Wait 3-Hours
> limit + a Warning when multiple attempts are made.
>>>> New 25-GPU Monster  Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes
> >>
> >> Yeah, people like Bruce Schneier has been saying for quite some
> >> time the strong password is dead, and we need something else. I'm
> >> sure most of it's over my head, but I haven't yet seen a proposal
> >> I consider viable enough for mass adoption. Work-arounds aplenty,
> >> but no real solutions for the general user public.
> >
> > Don't feel alone, Ed....way over my head as well! I agree, that
> > we've known that the "strong password is dead" but now with this
> > article it can't be disputed by anyone....including MickySoft who
> > claims it's "8" is so secure when it isn't. Hopefully, there will
> > soon be a viable general solution for all of us! 'Course, there's the
> > old adage that "what one man can make another can take apart," or to
> > that affect. ;-) 

Some lead time yes, but remember that China has been cracking passwords 
and wanting to do more for sometime, so now there's even more pressure 
to get the job done right and soon!


Islam is a VERY backward religion, that MUST keep it's masses not only
in subjugation, but ignorant and maintain a feudal state that is always
at war, looking to take over the spoils of all other societies. It is by
nature destructive and not constructive. The Q'oran is based on distortions
of the Bible, lies, paganism, racism, hate, contradictions, and ignorance,
with a good dose of stupidity thrown in for good measure. -Fred A. Miller

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