[CS-FSLUG] New 25-GPU Monster Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes

dcolburn at bibleseven.com dcolburn at bibleseven.com
Fri Dec 7 09:59:26 CST 2012

We have some lead time as it will be a while before many have access
to monster computing power like this!

BTW: I am not sure how this gets around a Try -3 then Wait 3-Hours
limit + a Warning when multiple attempts are made.

>>> New 25-GPU Monster  Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes
 >> Yeah, people like Bruce Schneier has been saying for quite some
 >> time the strong password is dead, and we need something else. I'm
 >> sure most of it's over my head, but I haven't yet seen a proposal
 >> I consider viable enough for mass adoption. Work-arounds aplenty,
 >> but no real solutions for the general user public.
 > Don't feel alone, Ed....way over my head as well! I agree, that
 > we've known that the "strong password is dead" but now with this
 > article it can't be disputed by anyone....including MickySoft who
 > claims it's "8" is so secure when it isn't. Hopefully, there will
 > soon be a viable general solution for all of us! 'Course, there's the
 > old adage that "what one man can make another can take apart," or to
 > that affect. ;-)


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