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I'm not saying I agree with this, as so much of what is in Rev. is
confusing to most, including me! I thought it would be a good topic to
discuss. WDYT.


The rise of the Anti-Christ
What will his characteristics be? Who on the world scene today is
helping to lay the foundation for the Anti-Christ and a one-world
religion as predicted in Revelation 17 as the Women that Rides the
Beast? Topic: Syria, Egypt and Libya are in the news and going even more
radical. Jimmy explains how these nations are mentioned in the Bible as
coming against Israel. Topic: The Bible says Russia and Persia will come
against Israel. Until 1936, Persia included the three countries of Iran,
Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and Iran is
about to obtain them and Afghanistan is turning more radical. Topic: The
Anti-Christ will take the credit when God intervenes and protects Israel
when Russia and Persia come against Israel. The Anti-Christ will then
set himself up as god in the Temple in Jerusalem. For this to occur, the
temple must be rebuilt. The priests have been trained, the robes have
been made the instruments have been created and now the red heifer has
been obtained from a breeder in Mississippi. Topic: The Anti-Christ will
also establish a one-world global economy based out of Babylon in Iraq.
Babylon is being rebuilt and Iraq has a record amount of oil and is
building an advanced communication system. The many of the things
predicted in the Bible are coming into focus.Brannon's guest is Jimmy
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