[CS-FSLUG] Linux used to handle floppies really well.

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Sat Jul 30 12:35:35 CDT 2011

On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 5:22 PM, <davidm at hisfeet.net> wrote:

> I may be the only one who still wants to use floppies...

You know, I was thinking about floppies this past week. I was cleaning my
hard drive, getting my computer ready for its upgrade, and sorting my files
by size. What was interesting was that the number and utility of files I had
that would fit on a floppy was practically nil. Absolutely not a single file
I would be most concerned about saving would fit on a last generation 1.44
floppy. In fact, shooting a 12MP camera, both RAW and jpg, Most shooting
events I do wouldn't even fit on a CD! Floppies are utterly useless for me
now. (and I have a stack of three boxes of them sitting behind me. I've held
onto them for years--just in case... but going through them a few weeks ago,
I realized that even their contents is useless--programs that haven't run on
a Mac since 2000, document files that need those programs to read them, and
other miscellaneous "things" I'm not sure about. I was rather surprised. I
still can't bring myself to throw them out--I do still have one computer
that can read and run them--three, in fact, but only one is "whole" enough
to use them)

I can't imagine what usefulness a floppy has today for the average user. ;-)
And yes, I recognize that there are always extreme cases, but like with my
Apple Newton MessagePad, I'm sure such folks are getting more toward the
extreme edge of extreme. And no, I have no intent to belittle your need for
them. I only have a small nostalgic wish I could still use them. ;-)

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
<jonglass at usa.net>

"I don't believe in philosophies. I believe in fundamentals." --Jack
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